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Download Arouse Suspicion by Maureen McKade

Download Arouse Suspicion by Maureen McKade

Publication Date: March 28, 2013
When police officer Paddy Hawkins is found dead in his bedroom with a revolver in his hand and a note on the nightstand, all the evidence points to suicide. Case closed – except to one man, Ex-Army Ranger Nick Sirocco was the last person to hear from Paddy. And the message that Paddy left him didn’t sound like a man about to take his own life. To find out what happened to his friend, Nick will turn to the one woman he knows he can trust …

Ex-cop Danni Hawkins didn’t buy that her father was murdered – until she heard his final message. Now, with Nick’s help, she must uncover the tracks left behind by an elusive killer. She can’t afford to let herself get distracted by the steamy attraction between her and Nick. But as their trail takes them deeper into the heart of corruption, Danni realizes the killer may be closer than she ever thought possible …

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