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Download Blinding Trust (The Mitchell Family Series #7) by Jennifer Foor

Download Blinding Trust (The Mitchell Family Series #7) by Jennifer Foor

Publication Date: June 6, 2013
Colt and Savanna have had been through so much in their marriage. It's been five years since the family has had any kind of drama. Everyone has matured and they are all busy raising their children.
Everything seems to be perfect.

Until someone from Colt's past comes back into the picture.
Krista's brother Zeke has done well for himself. He's in a band that's very popular. With his fame, comes drama. For the past ten years of Noah's life, he's avoided getting to know the kid, so when he shows up on Colt's doorstep, it's hard for he and Savanna to think it's a good idea.
While they struggle with what's the best decision for their son, Noah starts rebelling against Savanna.
As if dealing with a kid isn't enough drama, Savanna finds herself dealing with a life or death situation. When she's left alone, she turns to someone else in her life who has always been there for her.

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