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Download The Orphan Wars by Shane Rowling

Download The Orphan Wars by Shane Rowling

Publication Date: April 24, 2013
Nemeth is a talented young boy who attends a very strict and corrupt academy for orphans. As if academics weren't stressful enough, all students are forced by their professors to train to be skilled warriors with the ability to use powerful magic as well.

Nemeth desires a normal childhood with his real biological family. He is looking forward to the end of the school year so he can finally get a break from all of the constant pressure to be ranked number one in his class.

Unexpected and unfortunate occurrences at a large graduation party cause Nemeth's plans to be derailed. Instead of getting to be a kid again, Nemeth must grow up quicker than ever. Nemeth must go on a difficult quest to stop an evil force from destroying the world.

Does the youthful and cocky Nemeth have the skills necessary to be a hero and save the world or will he just end up being another helpless victim to the forces of evil?

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