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Download Strong Enough (Strong Series) by Alexis Alexander

Download Strong Enough (Strong Series) by Alexis Alexander

Publication Date: June 18, 2013
People cross paths in life, their purpose unknown but with reason.

Reece Miller's life changed that dark night when she was only 17. She hardly remembers what took place but she can’t forget him. His smell his feel and that he saved her.

She has spent six years wondering about him, what might have happened. Her existence since then has been a shell of what it could have been. Hardened by life, Reece has built a wall around herself. Unable to understand love or how to trust, she pushes through life hiding; until a few key people cross her path and slowly chip at her shell, one of them being the very man she has not been able to forget.

Will Reece figure out who he is and his reason for being in her life is before it’s too late? Or will she lose the one person meant to make her whole again?

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