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Download Temporary Master by Dakota Trace

Download Temporary Master by Dakota Trace

Publication Date: December 13, 2012
Ethan Tremaine may be a man in denial but his desire to dominate has never changed despite his fear of forming a relationship with his submissive. Instead he now trains them for others and is perfectly content to do so. He doesn't want to ever risk the pain he felt at his dead wife's desertion ever again. He's just released his current submissive to a fellow Dom when he realizes he has no one to assist in an agreed to demonstration at the Kinkfest coming up, which could be detrimental to their new club. Frantic he jumps at the chance when his partner, Davis offers to find him a new sub who loves shibari, never expecting that he's been set up.

As a collared sub, Sabella Johnston lived for her Master's approval. But now un-collared and back home with her recovering father, she is at a complete loss. It's been months since she's felt the familiar feel of rope around her body. When her best friend, Lauren begs her to help out with a bondage demonstration, she agrees as long as gets the chance to meet the Dom, and add her own stipulations. But once she meets Ethan Tremaine, sparks fly between them and she's having a hard time remembering her own conditions.

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