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Download Terminal (Tunnels#6) by Brian Williams, Roderick Gordon

Download Terminal (Tunnels#6) by Brian Williams, Roderick Gordon

Release date: October 29, 2013 | Age Range: 10 and up | Series: Tunnels (Book 6)
The end to end all ends: The epic finale to the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling TUNNELS series!

Total Termination of the English: The Styx and their lethal cohorts of Armagi will settle for nothing less. Not even the mighty US military is strong enough to stop the assault!

Will and Elliott flee back underground, down to the innards of the Earth first mapped in DEEPER and FREEFALL. With the support of a small team that survived the plague of New Germania, they discover a secret at the site of the three core pyramids. A secret that may explain not only where the Styx came from, but the human race, too. Can Elliott, with her mixed blood, unlock the clues before Earth itself spins out of orbit?

All the many threads of the prior TUNNELS books come together in this epic conclusion!

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