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Download Battleship Destroyer by L.D. Roberts

Download Battleship Destroyer by L.D. Roberts

Publication Date: April 1, 2013
Jack should have died at Birth when his family's transport was stranded in a deadly Neutron Star sytem. Certainly before he reached 6, as his busy Tramp Ship Officer family simply waited for him to (pass on), pretty much ignoring him. Then at 18, after a few too many drinks to celebrate, he was scooped up by the Republic Navy, that had not seen a war in generations. A Navy desperate for experianced spacemen to man ships, in a loosing war few people even know about, yet. Jack realizes that the Battleship fleet he is on is about to be destroyed after he gets a close look at the enemy. But he now knows what drives their ships and powers their weapons and that with equal or even better ships and weapons, he now knows how to build, they could win the war.

Thus starts a desperate journey to survive incredible odds, long enough to develop or steal the enemies technology. Then test and manufacture the equipment to defeat an enemy that is only known as Spiders, becouse of the shap of their ships. The only other thing known about them for sure in the beginning, was that they were slaughtering any human ship and enslaving every system they came across, ignoring all attempts to negotiate.

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