joi, 11 iulie 2013

DOWNLOAD Cherry Popper by K.A. Andrews

DOWNLOAD Cherry Popper by K.A. Andrews

Publication Date: July 20, 2013

"Awkward. Funny. Addicting. I was cheering her on!"

I'm Kenzie and I'm the last person in my group of friends to not have lost their virginity. I'm an awkward goody two shoes that has a perverted mind but too scared to act on any of my thoughts. Already in college and the social pressure mounting, I wake up to the moans and groans of my roommate Lexi and her strange boy-toy rubbing uglies. That was when I really knew I was the only girl not getting any.

After deciding to actually put effort into losing my v-card, Lexie helps me set up an online dating profile to find the right guy. After a couple bad dates I think I find the perfect guy, username cherry popper. Only problem is he doesn't know how young I really am and I don't know that he's my... Yeah, I'm sleeping with my...


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