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Download Embattled Minds (Military Romance) by J.M. Madden

Download Embattled Minds (Military Romance) by J.M. Madden

Publication Date: June 30, 2013
"I predict this series will be one of the all-time best published in 2013." Romance Junkies

Zeke Foster has little to no experience with women over the past couple of years, after being injured in Afghanistan. Brutally scarred, he has no expectation that he’ll ever find a woman capable of accepting him the way he is. But he can’t help but be enamored of Ember, the waitress of a local watering hole.
Ember Norton’s life has turned into one devastating catastrophe after another. When the scarred soldier with the kind eyes brings some security to her life, she’s afraid to trust her luck. She’s been self-sufficient for a long time. But his wounded soul calls to her and she finds herself falling for him.
In spite of the secrets he continues to keep.

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