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Download Legacy (Age Of Power) by Jon Davis

Download Legacy (Age Of Power) by Jon Davis

Publication Date: July 9, 2012
For Vaughn Hagen, life was just starting. About to graduate high school, he has all of life to look forward to with college, parties, and girls. But a giant asteroid changes all that when it threatens to destroy all life on Earth. In only days, Vaughn, his family, and his friends are forced to confront the fact that everything ends. And nothing human can change it. Until the Avatar rises. For humanity, the world is saved when a young hero, Alex Shaw, literally flies into space, to smash the asteroid, Yama, apart. He is given the name, Avatar. But for Vaughn, it is the start of a completely new age. For Alex did not just stop an asteroid. In some strange way, humanity changes, and some, including Vaughn are empowered. Vaughn is soon caught up in the legacy that Alex leaves behind; a legacy that will lead Vaughn Hagen to become either a hero, or a victim to villainous dreams of power. Power that threatens to corrupt even his oldest friends. And ultimately, Vaughn must choose between home and friends in the new Age of Power.

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