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Download The Line Must Hold-Crimson Worlds V (Volume 5) by Jay Allan

Download The Line Must Hold-Crimson Worlds V (Volume 5) by Jay Allan

Publication Date: June 21, 2013 | Series: Crimson Worlds
Crimson Worlds Book 5… The robotic legions of the First Imperium burst into human space, destroying everything in their path. Directed by the maniacal Regent, the enemy pressed forward with one goal – the destruction of mankind. The Superpowers of Earth, enemies for over a century, have banded together to face the threat from outside, and their combined forces have fought delaying actions to buy time. But now the Rim has fallen, and the heart of human space lies before the invaders. On three worlds, mankind will make its stand, and all the power Earth and its colonies can muster has been gathered there. Three worlds – Sandoval, Garrison, and Samvar. The Line. Erik Cain grimly leads his Marines and their new allies to Sandoval, to fight and to hold that world against anything the enemy throws at it. But Cain plans more than just a defense; he intends to annihilate the enemy forces…and he’ll sacrifice anything to win the ultimate victory. Even himself. The Crimson Worlds Series: Crimson Worlds I: Marines Crimson Worlds II: The Cost of Victory Crimson Worlds III: A Little Rebellion Crimson Worlds IV: The First Imperium Crimson Worlds V: The Line Must Hold Tombstone: A Crimson Worlds Prequel Coming September 2013: Crimson Worlds VI: To Hell's Heart

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