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Download Love, Lies, and Obsessions by Demettrea

Download Love, Lies, and Obsessions by Demettrea

Publication Date: June 27, 2013
Mia is a gorgeous 24 year old Puerto Rican bomb shell with a crucial problem. She is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Raymone. Tired of being forced to deal with his baby mama drama and sidechicks, Mia finally decides that enough is enough! She decides to move on and turns to Harlem, who has always been there for her. However, Raymone won’t make it easy. His obsession and jealousy gets out of hand and leads to all sorts of conflict. Will Harlem and Mia be able to weather the storm and find true love, or will Raymone ruin their relationship? Love, Lies, and Obsessions is a tale filled with deceit, murder, and drama with an unbelievable ending!

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