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Download Lovin' Mrs. Jones by Edward Dean Arnold

Download Lovin' Mrs. Jones by Edward Dean Arnold

Publication Date: June 29, 2013

If You Read Only One Book This Year...This Should Be That Book. One of the best love stories of all time.
Reminiscent of The Best Man with the solid, sexy, urban vibe of Love Jones, Lovin Mrs. Jones is not your typical girl meets boy and they live happily ever after kind of story. Nor is it an affair; but more so what happens when you meet the "right one" (that's really meant for you) during a time when you're already committed to the "wrong one." What do you do? Have second thoughts of course.

Meet Gabriel Washington; the soon-to-be groom that appears to have it all together. He's a strikingly handsome, financially secure, and spiritually grounded bank exec who is only five days away from marrying his college sweetheart, Tracee Andrews. Despite her sharp tongue and sometimes manipulative ways, Tracee represents everything any sane man would ever want in a woman. With a successful career in journalism, she possesses all the qualities that intimidate the most confident of men.

But as Gabriel soon discovers, the appearance of having everything on the outside is sometimes not enough to fill the void of what's missing on the inside. So when this undeniably 'together' brotha meets Alexandria Jones, a beautiful and soft-spoken woman whose marriage just happens to be on the verge of divorce, a mutual attraction quickly transforms him into a reluctant groom only days from saying "I do."

Now, Gabriel is on the verge of risking a future he's somewhat certain of for a moment that may hold no promise. He soon finds that falling for a woman in the midst of her own marital breakdown comes with serious consequences. Falling for her on the very week of his wedding creates even more issues for an already complicated situation. But like any great love story, love will either bring them together or separate them forever in "the end."

Brace yourself for something totally different than what you've ever read before. Inside this book is everything; love, laughter, disappointment, suspense and ultimately courage to follow where the heart leads.

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