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Download Scarlett by Tiece D Mickens

Download Scarlett by Tiece D Mickens

Publication Date: June 3, 2013
Scarlett Harper is a down to earth, country girl who possesses many beautiful qualities, but her insecurities hold her back from showing them. Her existence consists of being mentally and physically abused by her unfit mother and unknowingly spending most days with a no good, trifling best friend.
Her life seems to be on a repeated cycle of crazy misfortunes and sad uncertainties when it comes down to finding genuine love. However, good deeds from an older lady gives Scarlett a new lease on life and finally romance is on the rise, until her scarred past comes back to haunt her. Now, with skeletons creeping out of the closet left and right, can a new improved Scarlett stand the storm or will she be on the verge of losing it?

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