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Download The Stranger's Shadow by Max Frei

Download The Stranger's Shadow by Max Frei

Publication Date: May 30, 2013
THE STRANGER'S SHADOW continues the adventures of Sir Max - the one-time loser who now heads the Minor Secret Investigative Force - as he hunts down trespassing monsters and investigates the use of illegal magic in the supernatural world of Echo.

Joining Max on his adventures are Sir Melifaro, Sir Juffin Hully, Sir Kofa Yox, and a bizarre cast of otherworldly characters. When people begin to die in Echo, Max must travel to the Dark Side of Echo to destroy the Lonely Shadow - the shadows of the dead. But defeating the Lonely Shadow isn't the end of this battle.

Someone has been using the shadows to attack Echo, which will lead the redoubtable Max into a realm of unparalleled danger. Will he be able to defend his adopted home, or will he be forced to return to our mundane world?

Download link:'s%20Shadow%20by%20Max%20Frei.rar

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