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Download The Valhalla Call (Warrior's Wings) by Evan Currie

Download The Valhalla Call (Warrior's Wings) by Evan Currie

Publication Date: June 17, 2013
New to the series? Get book 1, On Silver Wings, for a special price!

In The Valhalla Call we bring the Hayden War Arc that began in On Silver Wings to its startling conclusion. Newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida has a new mission and new allies, gear, and support as she is tasked with a job that could ensure that the human race stands a chance of reaching a technical parity with the mysterious alien alliance.

Humans and SOLCOM are not the only ones making moves, however, and the Alliance has brought up their varsity to end the little side war before it gets out of hand. Are they really interested in humanity or human worlds, however, or is something more at play?

When the horns sound, the Valhalla Call rings out across the galaxy and it is inevitable that someone will be brought to answer.

Download link:'s%20Wings)%20by%20Evan%20Currie.rar

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