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Download Winter Fire (Witchling Series) by Lizzy Ford

Download Winter Fire (Witchling Series) by Lizzy Ford

Publication Date: June 19, 2013
A beautiful, fire witchling with a dangerous secret …

A race to save the Light from permanent Darkness …

A threat that awakens an ancient evil...

If Beck, the Master of Light, has learned anything, it’s never to trust a pretty girl – or more specifically, his own judgment relating to those of the opposite sex. Girls have been a source of trouble for him, but he’s working to right those wrongs.

He saved his brother and girlfriend from Darkness, but faults himself for not protecting them in the first place. His earth magick warns him that an ancient danger is eliminating the Light. What’s worse, it comes at the hands of a girl he can’t resist.

Drawn to her beauty and gentle heart, Beck is astonished to learn her magick will do more than set his blood on fire. But Morgan is hiding something, a source of ancient evil, known as a soul stone, passed down through a thousand years of fire witchlings.

No stranger to bullies, Morgan tries to protect those around her from similar pain. But she and her brother arrive at the boarding school in the Rocky Mountains only for Morgan to make instant enemies with Dawn, who learns how to awaken the power of the soul stone to exact revenge upon the Masters of Light and Dark.

Soon everyone Beck cares about from his brother, Decker, to his friends Summer and Biji, will be in danger while the Light continues to recede at a rapid-fire pace and at the heart of it is Morgan, who Beck learns is his counterbalance. She may be the only one who can help protect the Light – that is, if she doesn’t fall to the Dark like every fire witchling before her.

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